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                                           EEE+ STUDIO

Goodwin Games is an independent game studio based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We are a talented team of 3 creators. Our studio specializes in creating uniquely emotional beautiful games with whimsical mechanics, paying special attention to story, atmosphere, music, and visual design.

Our journey began with one person - Alexander Khoroshavin, who created the initial prototype of the game Selfloss. Due to our small team size, we have a unique approach to development. Each member of our team strives to acquire a wide range of skills and thoroughly understand the development process. We are true indies! 

The game Selfloss has already received numerous awards and nominations at various festivals and competitions.

Our aim is to give players Everlasting Emotional and Exceptional Experience. It's like we are EEE+ studio.



Alexander Khoroshavin (CEO)
Almaty  // Kazakhstan
mail: alexgoodwindev@

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